Progress, integration and oral fluency guaranteed. Take a training course at university level, which is entirely dedicated to learning Japanese in order to become bilingual, to enter university or to work in Japan.
If you wish to take an intensive course, to become bilingual and find a job connected to Asia, The programme, Daigakusei can offer you a unique opportunity to learn Japanese at an academic level in Japan.


Intensive and immersive

In the programme at university level three specific pedagogics are put together so that you can integrate yourself into the work market in a short period of time (between one and a half years and two years): an intensive training of more than 4 hours a day during nearly 40 weeks.
An immersive programme: staying in Japan you can immediately practice the basics you have learnt in class and make up an undeniable result in your cultural and social assimilation.

Learning in a small group and international surroundings

You will be learning in a small group. There will 15 trainees in a class on the average. In addition, each class will have one designated teacher so that he/she can attentively check the progress of each trainee.
The students are coming from over thirty countries, so you can have a unique experience.

Central location and support

Our centre is located in the heart of Tokyo, which is close to stations. Despite the location it is a residential area of central Tokyo.
In a familial atmosphere our administration team are supporting the trainees in their daily lives: looking for a job, accommodation, application for a visa… A counsellor will support your learning and help you in the case of problems.

votre lycée au Japon


The Japanese classes at university in Europa or America are fragmented, which means that there are few oral classes and quite often focused on the linguistic research rather than practical learning of the language. On top of that, despite the years of study the Japanese government does not acknowledge any certificates or diplomas you obtained outside of Japan.
The educational organisation in Japan keeps an old system. In order to obtain a diploma of Japanese university you are obligated to take an intensive Japanese course for two years in advance, and then you need to study 4 more years. In order to obtain only a diploma of undergraduate you need to study six years (2 years at language school and 4 years at university)!
With Daigakusei you can evade the system and you can obtain a diploma of university in the amount of time that is two times less than the norm.
In actual fact, it is a complete and immersive training course and 60% less costly, and it requires only 40% of the time spent in Europa or America.


From one month to two years

Lesson begin in january, april, july, october.


A student visa is mandatory for a stay of over three months. With a student visa you can work if you wish to.
If you need a visa, you need to apply for one at least three months before the training begins.


It is possible to stay in a student residence for 48,000 to 80,000 Yen per month.


3 mois : 186.627 ¥

1 an : 706.000 ¥

1 an 1/2 : 1.020.200 ¥

2 an : 1.332.200 ¥

*Fees avalables until december 2018.