The course in July is dedicated to adolescents or young adults, and it includes full package of activities. The young trainees will have a unique cultural and humane experience in safety. The programme is specifically designed for the training course (Japanese or Manga) and for you to appreciate the cultural discoveries and leisure.
This course proposes you unique experiences like cultural discoveries, training course (Japanese language or Manga drawing) and leisure activities.

Educational programmes

Our educational aspect allows you to know Japan through a training course of Japanese or of Manga drawing. Focusing on an oral pedagogy, with our immersion method, the course of Japanese helps you easily learn the basics.
The training course of manga drawing proposes an initiation to diverse facets of the metier of manga artist. You can go through different steps to the creation of your own manga (storyboard, framework,.


Through daily excursions in the capital city of Japan you will find the places famous for their richness and variedness. The trainees will walk around in the most symptomatic areas of the Japanese modernity (Akihabara, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya…) as well as the most intimate areas like Ebisu, Zooshigaya, Shibamata.

dessin manga


We take into consideration the age and the areas of interest of the trainees, and propose daytime excursions to different places (Shinjukyu, shibamata, Shibuya…), amusement parks of Tokyo (One Piece, J-World, Sega, Tokyo Dome…) and evenings.


July Morning Afternoon
10 Depature Airport
11 Pick up Shinjukyu
12 Late wake up Shibuya – Uhehara Park
13 lesson One Piece Park
14 lesson lesson
15 Ikebukuro Tsukushima – Kiyosumi
16 Tokyo Dome park
17 lesson lesson
18 Joypolis – Sega park
19 lesson Shibamata
20 lesson Omotesando
21 Go back
For exemple, download  : brochure 2018

Le Tokyo Dome Tokyo Dome[/caption]


Young people are always supervised by an experienced and educational team. They will be accompanied on different tours and activities.  


Shared house or Homestay. Since three years we have been using Lyuro Hotel in Kiyosumi as accommodation; superb residence on the riverside of the Sumida-gawa, a few minutes from the avenue of Ginza. (for information check the residence)


All meals are included in the package including breakfasts, lunches and dinners (Japanese and European cooking). In case of a specific diet, please inform us in advance.


OECD study ranked Japan as “the safest country in the world.” So it’s no surprise that people in Japan feel safe. Living in Japan offers the undeniable luxury of safe feeling. Children walk home and explore shopping malls with no adult supervision. Lone women stroll back allies and dark streets in both populated and unpopulated areas.


Fees : 1500euros
The indicated price is per person and includes all (visits, meals, training course, accommodation, local transports) except personal spending, airplane tickets and insurance.
Payment in three instalments without fees is possible.
The price is subject to change according to the exchange rate of Japanese Yen.


    1. For the registration we need the contact details of the trainee’s parent(s) (name, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number) and the trainee’s last and first names (as they appear on the passport). The information allows us to send you a contract. You will also receive various informational pamphlets.